I have a question in RingCentral: if we have multiple Extensions or Users in our account, then how to get the details of the Extension or User which got the call.

A call can be received by a particular User or Extension, but how to check which User/Extension have done that? Any API which can reflect that? Please help, I didn't found any reference or documentation link that can answer that

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To get the extension details, you need to look the Account Call-Logs with following API:


with 'view' = 'Detailed', like this:


Your requirement is already answered here: https://forums.developers.ringcentral.com/questions/318/how-do-we-identify-which-extension-picked-up-the-c.html

As per the above link, the Account level Call-Logs would return the legs with the Detailed view that contains the "to" information about the extension which picked up the Call.


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