I am searching strings through multiple text files (in same folder). I would like to see some output even when no match found. How can I write this?

This only prints file/lines when a match is found:

findstr /i "blah" C:\Users\myfolder\*

If no match found, then I want the output to print "No match found"


|| works as "if previous command failed then":

findstr /i "blah" c:\users\myfolder\* || echo No match found

There is alsow a "if previous command was successful then": &&

Those constructs are described on SS64

for %%a in (c:\users\myfolder\*) do findstr /i "blah" "%%a" && echo Match found || No match
  • thank you! Is there any way to specify each file before saying "no match found"? How do I call and print each file? – user1781336 Aug 11 '19 at 12:26
  • not with findstr alone. Use a for loop (see my edited answer) – Stephan Aug 11 '19 at 13:09

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