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I am learning clojure and I am not sure why this

(defn repeat-hello []
  (map println (repeat 10 "Hello"))
  (println "The end"))

is not printing out Hello ten times and The end

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Strongly recommend reading more about the lazy sequence and how it works

There are a lot of ways to do it, one of them is using dotimes that run something "n" times according to your decision, for example:

(dotimes [n 3] (println "Hello"))

Here we basically say:

  • dotimes (the name of function)
  • [n 3] (which n starts from 0 to 3)
  • (println "Hello") (what do you want to execute)

@akond already explained the mystery of the lazy sequence "gotcha", but just to note that if you're forcing a lazy sequence to be realized, you probably didn't want a lazy sequence in the first place. Clojure functions like dotimes and doseq may be more what you are looking for in situations like this.

(defn repeat-hello []
  (dotimes [_ 10]
    (println "Hello"))
  (println "The end"))

(defn repeat-hello []
  (doseq [s (repeat 10 "Hello")]
    (println s))
  (println "The end"))

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