I have a JSON response from the server that is paginated.

    "services": [
            "id": "ABC12",
            "name": "Networks",
            "description": null,
            "status": "active",
            "teams": [
                    "id": "XYZ12",
                    "type": "team_reference",
                    "summary": "Network Systems ",
            "acknowledgement_timeout": null,
            "auto_resolve_timeout": null,
            "alert_grouping": "intelligent",
            "alert_grouping_timeout": null,
            "integrations": [],
            "response_play": null,
            "type": "service",
            "summary": "All Events",
     "limit": 25,
     "offset": 0,
     "total": null,
     "more": true

limit - max I can set is 100.

offset - If specified, shows results from that point.

more - If TRUE, there are more results. If FALSE, that is the end.

for more info on this pagination - https://v2.developer.pagerduty.com/docs/pagination

I need to match the name "Networks" and get its corresponding id "ABC12". The problem i have to paginate make multiple calls to the API.

I have written this so far.

- name: PagerDuty API call - GET Service ID
    url: "https://api.pagerduty.com/services?/?limit={{ x }}&offset={{ x+1 }}"
    method: GET
    status_code: 200
      Content-Type: "application/json"
      Accept: "application/vnd.pagerduty+json;version=2"
      Authorization: "Token token={{ api_token }}"
 register: json_resp
  1. how do I set the value of x to 25 and make API calls and append the results to json_resp until more is false?


  1. how do I make multiple API calls until I find the match. If I found a match, then stop making the call.

Or is there a better cleaner way to do this?

Any help is much appreciated, very new to ansible.


Or is there a better cleaner way to do this?

The cleanest way of handling this situation would be to write an Ansible module for interacting with the pagerduty API. Your module would deal with the pagination and then return the complete result set to your playbook.

There is some information about developing Ansible modules here.

Ansible already includes a couple of modules that interact with pagerduty; perhaps the pagerduty module could serve as as a model.

  • Hi @larsks. Thanks for your response, i'm implementing a very small solution. Writing a module is not allowed, unfortunately. Is there a way to do this in ansible play itself? – Bharath Aug 12 at 2:24
  • Writing a module is...not allowed? Is this homework? Writing a module is really going to be the cleanest and most effective way of solving this particular issue. You could of course also write a Python or shell script and run that with the script module. – larsks Aug 12 at 2:28

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