This happened just today when I wanted to select the whole text of my file. It kept saying:

(Ctrl + A) was pressed. Waiting for second key of chrod...

Here is a screenshot of my select all keyboard shortcuts. How can I using Ctrl + A to select all text.

enter image description here


You have another key binding that begins with Ctrl+A, something like this:

Screenshot of key bindings with Ctrl+A prefix

A sequence of multiple keystrokes pressed one after another (rather than simultaneously) is called a "chord".

You might have accidentally created it, or might have recently installed an extension that adds the problematic binding. To find it, do like I have done in the screenshot and type "ctrl a" into the search box. Then look for a binding that begins with Ctrl+A but has something else after it (in my case, another Ctrl+A, but it could be almost anything).

When you find the offending binding, right-click on it, and either remove or change it. Then Ctrl+A alone will resume working.

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    I was suffering from this problem for a while but you saved my life! Thank you for the solution! – Dominik May 7 '20 at 15:23

You might be in a situation where you want to keep the chorded keybindings that are causing you the problem with your original keybinding. A potential workaround to this issue is turning your original keybinding into a chord as well. For example, you could having a 'stop' character that exits your chord. For example, "Ctrl+A ." where "." is your stop character.

So if for some reason you really liked "Ctrl+A" as the beginning keystroke for a bunch of chorded keybindings, then rebinding all current "Ctrl+A" keybindings to "Ctrl+A ." would free up that keystroke for any manner of other, chorded keybindings.

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