When i test stuff with rspec/ruby i use a lot of custom matchers. One of the big advandages for me it that i can create custom failure messages and descriptions. I use the descriptions to print out the expected behaviour at the bgeinning of the test. But i have a problem when a negate matchers.

I would like to define a description_when_negated. Is their a way to know if a matcher is negated in the description part? Or can i know it in the match part and print out somthing different.

Simple code example:

Spec::Matchers.define :have_value do |expected_value|
  match do |actual|
    puts "Expect: #{description}"

    actual.value == expected_value

  description do
    "Object'#{actual.id}' should have value '#{expected_value}'"

  failure_message do |actual|
    "Object'#{actual.id}' has value '#{actual.value}' instead of '#{expected_value}'"

  failure_message_when_negated do |actual|
    "Object'#{actual.id}' has value '#{actual.value}' and that was not expected"


expect(object1).to have_value(1235)
expect(object1).to have_name('test')
expect(object1).to_not have_description('test')


Expect Object 1 to have value '1235'  
Expect Object 1 to have name 'test'
Expect Object 1 to NOT have description 'test'
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    Isn't the description suffixed to the message? expect ... to (NOT) followed by the description. You should make the description universally acceptable. For example have attribute "name" match "some name value" resulting in the messages expect ... to have attribute "name" match "some name value" or in the case of negation expect ... to NOT have attribute "name" match "some name value". – 3limin4t0r Aug 12 at 11:37
  • That is possible but i do a "puts "Expect: #{description}"" at the beginning of the test. On that moment is hould know of it is a negation or not... – denBelg Aug 13 at 7:24

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