I've got messages from queue by using IBM MQ. I got object MQMessage and parse it. In this way, I have byte stream of message body, also I have MQMD properties. So, how can I get this properties in byte array too?

//Getting MQMessage
MQQueue queue = ...
MQMessage msg = new MQMessage();
queue.get(msg, options, size);

//For example this prop
String replyQueue = msg.replyToQueueName;

I need it, because in some cases some props don't read correctly with default "UTF-8" encoding, but it should. So, MQMessage.readFully(byte[] b) only give me the message body as byte[], I would like to get the message headers such as MQMD and RFH2.


All of the MQMD properties can be accessed as:

byte[] correlId = msg.correlationId;
byte[] msglId = msg.messageId;
String format = msg.format;
int expiry = msg.expiry;
String replyQueue = msg.replyToQueueName;

There are 2 ways to deal with a JMS (aka MQRFH2) message:

  • Retrieve it as a message with named properties
  • Retrieve it as an MQRFH2 message

To get the JMS message as a "message with named properties", just add an MQGMO option of:


Then you can retrieve any named property using a getter method. i.e. to retrieve the string property called StackOverflow, you would do:

String someValue = msg.getStringProperty("StackOverflow")

To retrieve the JMS message as an MQRFH2, just add an MQGMO of (this is the default):


Then you need to pass the message to the MQRFH2 class and go from there:

MQRFH2 rfh2 = new MQRFH2(msg);
String format = rfh2.getFormat();
String[] folderStrings = rfh2.getFolderStrings();
for (String folder : folderStrings)
System.out.println("Folder: "+folder);
  • Thunks a lot for your answer! Some strange case. For example I put cirillic word in "format" property of MQRFH2 header, the default charset is UTF-8 that include cirillic symbols. When I read this property in these two ways, that you mansion before, I get incorrect word. So, the question is, how to get headers properties with choosing charset, like getting message body? Or some way to get "format" property in byte[], not in String format. – sLav9n Aug 14 at 6:19

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