Is there any way I can login to my github account via my username and password and generate personal access token using api ?


I found the solution. With reference to GitHub documentation https://developer.github.com/v3/guides/getting-started/#authentication I got it passed and able to make a python script that can serve my purpose.

Here is what should work (Postman example):

POST https://mycloud.example.com/api/v3/authorizations
  "note" : "example-1",
  "scopes" : [

per this blog post, they've deprecated the OAuth Authorizations API, that support generating personal access tokens.

so now, you'll have to generate it using the web settings page.

Calls to OAuth Authorizations API

If you're making OAuth Authorization API calls to manage your OAuth app's authorizations or to create personal access or OAuth tokens like:

curl -u my_username:my_password -X POST "https://api.github.com/authorizations" -d '{"scopes":["public_repo"], "note":"my token", "client_id":"my_client_id", "client_secret":"my_client_secret"}'

Then you must switch to the web application flow to generate access tokens.

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