I'm writing a playbook and want to loop a role over a variable that gets its value from the user. however that value might not always be a list of items, it might be a single value and whenever that happens it throws an error.

My Task:

- name: task name
  include role:
    name: role name
    cluster_name: '{{ item }}'
  loop: "{{ list_or_not }}"
    loop_var: item


...Invalid data passed to 'loop', it requires a list...


Have you tried the: "| list" filter? Sorry cannot test at the moment.


You could test if the variable is a string, and if so, transform it into a single-item list. Something like this:

- hosts: localhost
  gather_facts: false
    - set_fact:
        list_or_not: ["{{ list_or_not }}"]
      when: list_or_not is string

    - debug:
        msg: "{{ item }}"
      loop: "{{ list_or_not }}"

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