I'm trying to create a sitemap.xml file, which generates just fine, but I can't seem to validate it through xml-sitemaps.com. The current error is: Incorrect http header content-type: "" (expected: "application/xml") What am I missing? Thank you!

Link to generated sitemap: https://www.tiptop-laptop.com/sitemap.xml

include "db.php";
$myFile = "sitemap.xml";
$fh = fopen($myFile, 'w') or die("can't open file");

$rss_txt .= "header('Content-Type: application/xml');";
$rss_txt .= "\r\n";
$rss_txt .= '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>';
$rss_txt .= "\r\n";
$rss_txt .= '<urlset xmlns="http://www.sitemaps.org/schemas/sitemap/0.9">';
$rss_txt .= "\r\n";

$query = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM laptop WHERE type!='' AND type!='Extra' AND availability='1' ");
while($values_query = mysql_fetch_assoc($query))
    $rss_txt .= '<url>';
    $rss_txt .= '<loc>';

    $rss_txt .= 'http://www.tiptop-laptop.com/product.php?model_number=' .$values_query['model_number'];
    $rss_txt .= '</loc>';
    $rss_txt .= '<changefreq>daily</changefreq>';

    $rss_txt .= '</url>';
    $rss_txt .= "\r\n";
$rss_txt .= '</urlset>';

fwrite($fh, $rss_txt);

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