Could you please tell me how to make a field required dynamically?

I have two fields firstName and lastName. First name is required. I want lastName to become a required field if I type test in firstName.

Is it possible?

Here is my code https://codesandbox.io/s/unruffled-pike-5k7jn

            validate={values.firstName === "test" ? required : ""}
            {({ input, meta }) => (
                <label>Last Name</label>
                <input {...input} type="text" placeholder="Last Name" />
                {meta.error && meta.touched && <span>{meta.error}</span>}

Can I make the second field required only if user types test in first name field?

API link


To see it not working reproduce these steps:

1) click submit button. It shows firstname is required.

2) enter test text in first name field.

3) press submit button again.

It is not showing required error. Why?


instead of putting field-level validation you can put validation in the Form tag

      validate={values => {
        const errors = {};
        if (!values.firstName) {
          errors.firstName = "Required";
        if (!values.lastName && values.firstName === "test") {
          errors.lastName = "Required";
        return errors;

here is the link of modified version of your codesandbox


This is because your

<Field name = "lastName/>

props does not update in real time. You can try console.log(values.firstName) inside the validate function to confirm this. To get around this my way is quite a hack, just add key = {values.firstName} to Field component like this

<Field key = {values.firstName} name = "lastName" validate = {values.firstName === "test" ? required : ""}> 

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