If the argument is a symbol return it. If the argument is a list call another method.

New to Clojure and cannot find the canonical way to do it. In Python, one could do:

def return_on_arg_type(arg):
  if type(arg) is str:
    return arg
  if type(arg) is list:
    return another_method(arg)

May be I could use multi-methods but how to match on type of the argument and also is matching on type acceptable in Clojure?


There's essentially 3 dispatch methods in Clojure:

  1. Use cond combined with predicates (that's methods that return true or false and often have a name ending in ?) as Alan has described.
  2. Use Protocols which dispatch on the type of the first argument. The reference documentation for this would be at https://clojure.org/reference/protocols
  3. Multimethods. You can think of Multimethods as a programmable dispatch method. They can do much more than just look at the type of their arguments, they could also look into arguments, count elements on a vector argument and much more. Canonical documentation at https://clojure.org/reference/multimethods

Take a look at Clojure multimethods vs. protocols for a short discussion on Multimethods vs Protocols.


Not sure of the goal, but this should work:

(defn something [arg]
    (str? arg)  arg
    (list? arg) (other-fn arg)))
  • It works! The other part of the question is: are there better approaches (more idiomatic to the language) to do the same thing? – foxoj Aug 12 at 13:23
  • cond is idiomatic enough. You could also try cond-> – akond Aug 12 at 14:04
  • This is totally idiomatic, in that it is totally simple and obvious. Non-toy problems might demand protocols or multimethods but this does not. – pete23 Aug 12 at 19:19

It is ok to check for types in Clojure. It is not an un-typed language.

The code proposed by Alan is idiomatic IMHO if you need a simple dispatch mechanism. There are other possibilities here. One you mentioned already: multi-methods. Your example could be written as

(defmulti something class [arg])
(defmethod something String [arg] arg)
(defmethod something java.util.List [arg] (some-other arg)) 

The dispatch fn is class in this case, but you can implement any kind of dispatch condition.

There's also clojure.match, a general purpose matching library (among others). See https://github.com/clojure/core.match


Next to using a multimethod or a method to explicitly check, it's also possible to dispatch on the type of first argument with a protocol:

(defprotocol OnArgTypeReturner
  (return-on-arg-type [arg]))

(extend-protocol OnArgTypeReturner
  (return-on-arg-type [arg] arg)
  (return-on-arg-type [arg] "another-method-called"))

(return-on-arg-type "foo")
;; => "foo"

(return-on-arg-type '(1 2 3))
;; => "another-method-called"

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