My app is a JHipster app, which is shipped with Webpack.

I upload images via a java REST API, then they are put in a directory within the webapp (named "photos/").
To display them in the webapp, I send a JS object including the image url in the angular/JS script.
Also I want to be able to access them directly with their URL. I'd want also using a directory that would not be erased in future builds.

I can't manage to configure properly webpack : I get an html 404 error ( from inside the webapp, and by direct URL )
All the infos I can get for now concern static image displayed from inside the webapp, and I don't get how to adapt for my issue.

I've added this in webpack.common.js

              test: /photos\/.*\.jpg$/i,
              loader: 'file-loader',
              options: {
                name: '[name].jpg',
                outputPath: 'photos/',
                publicPath: 'photos/'

Here's the HTML bit associated

                <dd *ngFor="let path of observation.imagesPath" >
                        <a href="{{path}}">
                            <img class="t_imageGalery" src="{{path}}" />


Sorry if I'm missing something obvious, it's my first app with webpack.

  • It's not a work for webpack as your images do not exist when webpack bundles your app, your images should be served as-is from java backend. – Gaël Marziou Aug 13 at 13:54
  • yes, thank, actually I was drafting my own reply – Manolo de la Vega Aug 13 at 14:42

I reply myself just in case somebody have the same problem in the future. After seeing this, I undestood that the issue has nothing to do with webpack (which is not a webserver, obviously).

So I simply used the spring boot webMvcConfigrer by adding this code bit in WebConfigurer

    public void addResourceHandlers(ResourceHandlerRegistry registry) {
          .addResourceLocations("file:" + env.getProperty("storage.imagepath"));
  • 1
    As a bonus, you could use a field annotated with @Value("storage.imagepath") or even define a URL in your application properties – Gaël Marziou Aug 13 at 15:36

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