I have below mentioned HTML structure.

<div class="Parent Class" aria-live="assertive">
    <p class="child1"> Some text here </p>
    <div class="filters">
        <li> Filter 1</li>
        <li> Filter 2</li>

The data inside the

tag gets changed on an action somewhere else in the code. Now when the data inside

changes, the screen reader announces both <p> and the <div class="filters"> elements. How can I stop screen readers from announcing <div class="filters"> element. Note: Cannot use aria-hidden = "true" on <div class="filters"> as I still need it announced from the normal flow of screen reader.

  • remove the aria-live="assertive" from the parent and put the aria-live="assertive" onto the <p class="child1"> element and try it again. – Graham Ritchie Aug 24 '19 at 7:45
  • Thanks for the input, the <p> tag is getting generated from JS that's why I missed it in the HTML file. I will give it a try. – Shaurya Aug 26 '19 at 7:07
  • just seeing if this worked for you? – Graham Ritchie Sep 10 '19 at 6:12

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