I'm using python 3 and i work with PyMongo.

PyMongo allow me to iterate over collections from database like this :

List['tomato',['apple',['carpet','dishwasher','mister T',[... etc.. etc..]],'coke'],'pie']

i'm currently using for loop with a maximum of 4 levels. And that's very hard to maintain and understand.

So i want to iterate recursively in all nested array from first array to the last nested array.

Thank you :)


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    You want to flatten your list and then iterate the result. – Tomalak Aug 12 at 16:11
  • It would be easier to understand your question if you were able to show your code. – PixelEinstein Aug 12 at 16:11
  • Welcome to Stackoverflow, please read How To Ask. Pay special attention to How To Create MCVE. Make sure you tag your question with proper labels (programming language, relevant technologies etc). The more effort you'll put into posting a good question: one which is easy to read, understand and which is on topic - the chances are higher that it will attract the relevant people and you'll get help even faster. Good luck! – alfasin Aug 12 at 16:15
  • @Tomalak exactly what i want thank you :) ! – SuperJudeFruit Aug 12 at 16:20

If you simply want to flatten your list, you can recurse it with a function like below. It calls itself every time it ecounters a nested list and keeps saving the elements to a result list that is returned in the end.

def recurse(in_list):
    for e in in_list:
        if type(e)==list:
    return result

Once you create the function you can use it like this:

x=['tomato',['apple',['carpet','dishwasher','mister T'],'coke'],'pie']


['tomato', 'apple', 'carpet', 'dishwasher', 'mister T', 'coke', 'pie']

It will only handled nested lists, but you could modify the code to take care of other types (dictionaries, sets, etc..)

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