I would like to set up a notifications system to be used when a new update of my progressive web app is available. The pwa uses react and has node (with express) as the backend.

I followed google's guide to push notifications (link) and everything works fine when sending a push message from the devTools' service workers tab.

The problem is that the guide ends there and i would like to be able to send a notification to every subscribed user. I tried to look for a solution and i found out that Firebase Cloud Messaging could do what i need, but when i tried to implement it i got a bit confused as it seems quite different from what I've done in the guide mentioned above. I've also looked at other guides here and there but they don't do what i need and some of them doesn't even work.

Can someone please explain me what should i do the get that result? Thanks in advance for the help, i hope my question isn't too stupid '^^

  • There is much to learn and many variations. Nobody would be able to teach you all the "how-to" in an answer to a question here. The Google Developers video channel has many good videos on the topic (youtu.be/ggUY0Q4f5ok) once you have tried getting something going and get stuck, ask your specific question (with code examples) here and somebody could probably help. – Mathias Aug 14 at 13:38

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