According to the python-gitlab documentation, I need a gitlab.cfg file that should look something like this:

default = gitlabcom
ssl_verify = true
timeout = 30

url = https://gitlab.com/
api_version = 4

and then I should be able to list my projects with

gitlab -c gitlab.cfg project list

however, this gives me a list of projects that are not mine, e.g. (the list varies):

id: 13784565
path: 2019-08-25-form-from-classes

id: 13784562
path: faq

id: 13784561
path: curso-web-playground

id: 13784560

If I use curl I get the expected results:

curl --header "PRIVATE-TOKEN: PERSONAL_ACCESS_TOKEN" "https://gitlab.com/api/v4/groups/42424242/projects"

(where 42424242 is my group id).

I can't find any documentation on how to do this with gitlab.com (as opposed to a privately hosted gitlab instance).

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I've found a hacky way to do it (hopefully someone will come up with a better answer):

gitlab -c gitlab.cfg -o json -f projects group get --id 42424242  | jq .projects[].name


gitlab -c gitlab.cfg -o json -f projects group get --id 42424242

gets all the data for the single group with id 42424242, as json (-o json) and prints only the projects field (-f projects - this can be skipped). The returned value looks like

    "projects": [
        {...lots of fields..., "name": "<project-name>", ...even more fields...}

then I pipe through jq (https://stedolan.github.io/jq/)

 | jq .projects[].name

which says, go into projects (.projects), iterate over all items in the list (.projects[]), and then extract the name from each list item (.projects[].name).

The result is:


The project list command takes -h (help) flag:

(dev) go|c:\srv\tmp\gitlabtst> gitlab -c gitlab.cfg project list -h
usage: gitlab project list [-h] [--sudo SUDO] [--search SEARCH]
                           [--owned OWNED] [--starred STARRED]
                           [--archived ARCHIVED] [--visibility VISIBILITY]
                           [--order-by ORDER_BY] [--sort SORT]
                           [--simple SIMPLE] [--membership MEMBERSHIP]
                           [--statistics STATISTICS]
                           [--with-issues-enabled WITH_ISSUES_ENABLED]
                           [--with-merge-requests-enabled WITH_MERGE_REQUESTS_ENABLED]
                           [--with-custom-attributes WITH_CUSTOM_ATTRIBUTES]
                           [--page PAGE] [--per-page PER_PAGE] [--all]

To list all my projects is therefore:

gitlab -c gitlab.cfg project list --owned=1 --all

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