Im trying to show some data from Api, but the data I need is inside an object which is inside an object. how do I get it?

Im trying to get full_url inside data object, which is inside avatar object. I already tried:

    <ion-item *ngFor="let user of users.data">
            <h2>{{ user.uname }}</h2>
            <p *ngFor="let data of user.avatar.data">{{ data.url }}</p>

Here's the Api Response Structure: Api Response Structure

Response I got is:

Error: Cannot find a differ supporting object '[object Object]' of type 'object'. NgFor only supports binding to Iterables such as Arrays.


user.avatar.data is an object, not array. Therefore you are getting this error.

Either modify the response to pass an array, or simple change the <p> tag like:

<p>{{ user.avatar.data.url }}</p>

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