I'd like to change the endpoint address, but it's giving me defined values, I mean, only one value "/". I tried writing there, but it did not work - it is not editable.

How can I change it?

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Look at the request window and expand the select box with the endpoint address. You should see something like this:

[edit current...]
[add new endpoint...]
[delete current]

You click on [edit current...] and you can change the value.

Here is an example using some available web service from w3schools.com:

Change endpoint address

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    Wow, it's crazy how it was not in a convenient place. Thank you very much. I hope the design will change one day.
    – Nordes
    Nov 29, 2018 at 5:08

On Linux, there are 2 ways of changing the endpoint URL

  • Select the interface (wsdl entry) that you want to edit and change Definition URL value (left bottom pane).
  • Close SoapUI, make a backup of your project, open the project's XML file with a good xml editor, search and replace the endpoint string. Save and reopen SoapUI. All the endpoints should show the new value.

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