Are Clojure keywords with the same name guaranteed to be identical? i.e. Is (identical? :a :a) guaranteed to return true?

What are the precise rules when the keywords of the same name are in different namespaces? For example, (identical? :a ::a) is false. Why?


Keywords which are = are guaranteed to also be identical?, and those which are not = are of course guaranteed to not be identical?.

:a is different from ::a because the latter has a namespace component and the former doesn't. How could they be identical? Identical means, the very same object reference. Since they have different characteristics they cannot be the same object.

  • Aren't keywords with the same name identical if they are in the same namespace? – Flux Aug 14 at 14:44
  • Yes. But :a and ::a are not in the same namespace. :a has no namespace, and ::a is expanded at read time to be in the current namespace. – amalloy Aug 14 at 17:51

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