I'm trying to add/preserve these datas while recording/editing .TS footage, (datas will be shown below), I'm using VideoReDo TVSuite5 to edit these .ts/.tp files without losing these datas, as from what I know, VideoReDo software automatically removes these miscellaneous data from the stream, I'm trying to preserve it while editing, or adding it back after editing, is there any way to do this?

Not much as I can't really find any documentation on Menu info editing online. From what I can see so far, these data can only be obtained if the source itself is from a Native Internet TV Box. But is there any other way around it?

Menu #1
ID                                       : 32 (0x20)
Menu ID                                  : 2 (0x2)
Duration                                 : 1 h 25 min
List                                     : 33 (0x21) (MPEG Video, Korean) / 36 (0x24) (AC-3, Korean)

The Mediainfo is inside the pastebin link. Mediainfo

No error message defined a there is no known way to add these.

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  • I doubt you can save that kind of metadata in the .ts format since it's not needed to "Transport Stream". You'll have to save your h264 video into a different container like MP4. If you have seen a TS file with such metadata then share it and we can check what they did. Try to share a small file. – VC.One 2 days ago

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