I have a SwiftUI (Beta 5) view with an attached ViewModel. I want to navigate to it via a navigationLink and pass in a simple parameter (called FSAC in this case)

I navigate using

NavigationLink("Next", destination: MyTestView(FSAC: "testFsac"))

The view has an FSAC Property with willSet and didSet property observer

struct MyTestView: View {
    @ObservedObject var vm = MyTestViewModel()

var FSAC: String {
    willSet {
        print("will set fsac")
    didSet {
        print("did set fsac")
        vm.FSAC = FSAC

var body: some View {
    VStack {
        Text("FSAC: \(FSAC)")
        Text("VM FSAC: \(vm.FSAC)")


The print statements are never called. The first text box displays the parameter correctly; the second is blank.

How can I get the Property Observers to fire?

More generally, is there a "correct" way to use a navigationLink to pass parameters to a View that has a ViewModel?

  • Probably a stupid question on my part, but why are you setting properties like that in a View? You already have MyTestViewModel - shouldn't things like this be done there, and just have MyTestView react to the model's state change? – dfd Aug 13 at 20:46
  • @dfd I am passing the the parameter because, as I see it, the NavigationLink requires me to pass it in (see my first code snippet: MyTestView(FSAC: "testFsac") ). I could instantiate and pass in a whole ViewModel class in the NavigationLink, but that feels like going outside the Single Responsibility for the calling view. – Andy Thomas Aug 13 at 21:09
  • Like I said, probably a stupid question. I don't use a NavigationLink - no need. But, thinking it's a SwiftUI view, I'd think you could create two "test" variables... make them @State... and see what works. When I've done this, the @State was the key piece. If so - and a big if since I don't know NavigationLink, wouldn't this mean you can use your ObservableObject? "More generally, is there a "correct" way to use a navigationLink to pass parameters to a View that has a ViewModel?" Has this been answered but you are searching on the wrong term? I do this often - call it bullgodding! – dfd Aug 13 at 21:48

Property observers on basic vars technically work in SwiftUI. If you do something like var view = MyTestView(...) and then view.FSAC = "updated" the the observers will fire (I've verified this).

However, typically with SwiftUI you construct the View (which is a struct not a class) within body during each layout pass. In your case var body: some View { MyTestView(FSAC: "FSAC Value") }.

Property observers do not fire during init, and therefore they aren't usually useful in SwiftUI Views.

If you would like to update some sort of State during init, take a look at this answer.


Thanks to arsenius for an explanation as to why the Property Observers did not fire in this instance.

As a fix, I removed the property in the view, and replaced it with an init function with a signature which included the required data to be passed from the NavigationLink call. Within the init, I called a function on the ViewModel directly.

struct MyTestView: View {

    @ObservedObject var vm = MyTestViewModel()

    init(FSAC: String) {
        if(FSAC != "") {
            vm.SetFsac(FSAC: FSAC)

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