I am new to Clojure and I'm trying to update a map using the update-in and anonymous functions

(def items {:my-item {:item-count 10}})

(update-in items [:my-item :item-count]
           (fn [%] (- (get-in items [:my-item :item-count])  3)))

The expected results are that the item count should be now 7, my code works but I'm wondering if I can do this without calling the get-in method.

Another approach I tried is below:

(update-in items [:my-item :item-count]
           (dec (fn [%] 3)))

Which gives me

cannot be cast to java.lang.Number
  • Just a side-note, an anonymous function that subtracts 3 from any argument it's given can be defined using macro: #(- % 3). Hope you'll figure out the rest, REPL is your friend! – Fleischpflanzerl Aug 13 at 21:50

your anonymous function should take the thing it wants to modify and use that instead of doing the get-in

(update-in items [:my-item :item-count]
       (fn [item-count] (- item-count 3)))
(update-in items [:my-item :item-count] - 3)
  • How can it be done still with the anonymous function? – rake-write-code Aug 13 at 21:29
  • 1
    @VutiviCanCode Keep in mind that - is a function just as much as your anonymous one is. Thus, you can substitute your own function in place of -, and it works the same way. – Charles Duffy Aug 13 at 22:00
(def items {:my-item {:item-count 10}})
(update-in items [:my-item :item-count] #(- % 3))

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