I have a question. I am using DynamoDB, AppSync, and Amplify to connect my app and use it with AWS. I want to do a search operation across multiple DynamoDB tables using Appsync's GraphQL API (search input will be given from app). Should I use pipeline resolvers? Can I do this with Batch resolvers? In addition will following these docs for batch resolvers(in my case BatchGet resolvers) help? Please let me know what the best route to follow is and if you need any more info.

  • You mentioned you are using Amplify with your app. Are you using the codegen with the @searchable directive? This will allow you to use ElasticSearch to efficiently search for documents via numerous filtering methods without you having to write any code or VTL. Can you perhaps share a little bit more about your use case? – Aaron_H Aug 19 at 19:30
  • I am not using @searchable. I put my schema above. Doesn't Elasticsearch incur extra charges? – Aryan Jain 18 hours ago

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