I'm new to using PyCharm. I have used PyGame and Pynput before and I would like to use it. I have a seperate PyGame and Pynput interpreter. Is there a way to use both (not necessarily using an interpreter.

I have a seperate PyGame and Pynput interpreter. I know you can't have 2 interpreters and the best way is to have seperate codes. Is there a way to avoid this? Perhaps using import or something?

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    Can you please edit your question to be more concise. PyCharm is an IDE (and it is reportedly possible to use PyGame with it). PyGame and Pynput are python modules (not "interpreters"), do you mean you have existing code-bases written separately for both PyGame and Pynput, and you want to use both together with PyCharm? – Kingsley Aug 14 at 2:20
  • did you try to use import pygame import pynput in one code ? Did you get error ? If you have error then show it in question (not in comment) – furas Aug 14 at 2:50

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