I need to call implementation service from single controller depend on PathVariable


public void controller(@PathVariable("variable") variable)

if variable == 1

  call service1Impl();

else if variable == 2

  call service2Impl();

but I need my controller plain like this and not using if, else

public void controller(...) {
  call service();

I need to find some solution for auto-configuration my app when getting any PathVariable, it should know which service needs to call.

I try to using

  • load Config.class as context - @Configuration

    public class AppConfig {
    @Bean(name = "variableValue1")
    public DummyService getService1() {
        return new DummyServiceImpl();
    @Bean(name = "variableValue2")
    public AnotherService getService2() {
        return new AnotherServiceImpl();

    but in controller I need to load this config as context then its not plain enough

  • bean factory

its work but my controller not enough plain for me

I need to do like this one but it must based on PathVariable not property name.

public class GreetingServiceConfig {

    @ConditionalOnProperty(name = "language.name", havingValue = "english", matchIfMissing = true)
    public GreetingService englishGreetingService() {
        return new EnglishGreetingService();

    @ConditionalOnProperty(name = "language.name", havingValue = "french")
    public GreetingService frenchGreetingService() {
        return new FrenchGreetingService();
public class HomeController {

    GreetingService greetingService;

    public String home() {
        return greetingService.greet();
  • May I ask why? There's a number of ways I can think of that could pull this off but all are quite unsavoury. – Captain Aug 14 at 6:35
  • @Captain I don't know why, I get it from requirement XD – Da7kAngel Aug 14 at 7:08
  • Question - can you have two separate controller methods for each type of greeting? – Eamon Scullion Aug 14 at 8:57
  • @EamonScullion Yes, I can – Da7kAngel Aug 14 at 10:36

So based on the pathvariable, the specific method needs to be executed..

This is just a suggestion, since you dont want to go for if else

you can use Hashmap for this,

 HashMap<Integer, Runnable> hm = new HashMap<Integer, Runnable> ();

For example,

pathvariable is 1 -> method be executed is method1()

pathvariable is 2 -> method be executed is method2()

hm.put(1, method1())
hm.put(2, method2())

So in controller,

if PathVariable is 1,

hm.get(1).run(); // hm.get(variable).run()
  • Thank for answer but still look like using if, else – Da7kAngel Aug 14 at 7:05

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