Currently in our project we have layered architecture implemented in following way where Controller, Service, Repository are placed in the same package for each feature, for instance:

  • feature1:
    • Feature1Controller
    • Feature1Service
    • Feature1Repository
  • feature2:
    • Feature2Controller
    • Feature2Service
    • Feature2Repository

I've found following example of arch unit test where such classes are placed in dedicated packages https://github.com/TNG/ArchUnit-Examples/blob/master/example-junit5/src/test/java/com/tngtech/archunit/exampletest/junit5/LayeredArchitectureTest.java

Please suggest whether there is possibility to test layered architecture when all layers are in single package


If the file name conventions are followed properly across your project, how about you write custom test cases instead of using layeredArchitecture().

For Example:



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