I am newbie in AssetBundle and try to learn about this. Currently, I can load the asset from the server, but I cannot get hash from the asset file itself. It's keeping return NullException.

I have tried follow the doc here: https://docs.unity3d.com/ScriptReference/Caching.html

But still have no idea, and get the NullException at Hash too.

Found this as well and no luck: How to get AssetBundleManifest from AssetBundle in Unity3D

Then I tried follow the instruction in this post: Get Hash128 from AssetBundle for the Caching.IsVersionCached function

But still get NullException()

Here is the code I follow the latest link:

IEnumerator DownloadAssetBundle()
    UnityWebRequest www = UnityWebRequestAssetBundle.GetAssetBundle("https://www.dropbox.com/s/66psd4aphlgpo2j/testasset?dl=1");
    yield return www.SendWebRequest();

    if(www.isNetworkError || www.isHttpError) 
        AssetBundle bundle = DownloadHandlerAssetBundle.GetContent(www);

        AssetBundleRequest asset = bundle.LoadAssetAsync<AssetBundleManifest>("assetManifestName");
        yield return asset;

        //Get the AssetBundleManifest
        AssetBundleManifest loadedAssetMf = asset.asset as AssetBundleManifest;
        //Get Hash128 from the AssetBundleManifest
        Hash128 tempHash128 = loadedAssetMf.GetAssetBundleHash("");

        //Pass to the IsVersionCached function 
        Caching.IsVersionCached("https://www.dropbox.com/s/66psd4aphlgpo2j/testasset?dl=1", tempHash128);


Could anyone explain how to get the Hash from assetBundle what I have done wrong?

The file name of my Asset Bundle is "testasset" If you please, specify where to put the "testasset", it would be a pleasure. Thank you so much for every answer.

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