Today i have faced some strange behavior of my application. Accidentally while i was testing app on a physical device (Huawei p8 lite), when i clicked on the home button(circle) i have noticed that app tries to be opened once again. Some sort of the splash screening.

So to be more precise i will give you the sequence of events.

My app: Running -> Click on the home -> activity is invisible -> activity is visible for millisecond -> activity is invisible.

Other apps: Running -> Click on the home -> activity is invisible

I have searched for the problem but without any success. I guess you need some code but its ungrateful to request because it could be my mistake likewise some other technical issue. I would like to hear you experiences if any of you ever had similar problem, please notify me.

One important note: app is working perfect on genymotion emulator which i am using among testing on a real device.

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    Your app is probably crashing and restarting, check the logs. – Zohaib Amir Aug 14 at 10:57
  • I would like to check that, but i don't know how to track logs when app is running on physical device. – Milos Aug 14 at 11:06
  • If your device is connected to your computer, you will see it listed in LogCat. If it isn't then use Crashlytics to report errors. – Zohaib Amir Aug 14 at 11:10
  • Yeah there is, but when i log messages in the code, it just wont show in the logcat messages. Btw i somehow debug it, because i was searching logcat for these kind of messages 08-14 13:27:34.780 4110-4110/? I/HwLauncher: Launcher onStop(). That way i saw the list of lifecycle calls. When i press home button it execute onPause and after onStop, but after that i saw that onStart is called and onResume and tahts it, nothing after that. – Milos Aug 14 at 11:37
  • look for errors in log, using filter – Zohaib Amir Aug 14 at 11:38

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