I am using Fullcalendar V4. I am getting a problem with the eventSources option with PHP Ajax.

In Javascript I am using :

var eventSource = "data.php?value1=" + item_id;

From PHP I am sending :

echo '[{"id":"1","title":"All Day Event1","start":"2019-08-02","backgroundColor":"red"},{"id":"2","title":"All Day Eventssss2","start":"2019-08-04"},{"id":"3","title":"All Day Eventssss3","start":"2019-08-06"},{"id":"4","title":"All Day Eventssss4","start":"2019-08-08"}]';

This is working properly.

Now I want to use the option of eventSources, which is described here: https://fullcalendar.io/docs/event-source-object

For this, I am sending from PHP :

echo '[{"events" : [{"title" : "event1", "start" : "2019-08-01"},{"title" : "event2", "start" : "2019-08-05"}],"color" : "black"}]';

But this is not working. No error is showing in the console.

Please help!

  • try echo '{"events" : [{"title" : "event1", "start" : "2019-08-01"},{"title" : "event2", "start" : "2019-08-05"}],"color" : "black"}'; – jagad89 Aug 14 at 12:15
  • You have misunderstood, that's not how event sources works. With event sources there is no need to change anything in your server output. Instead it merely allows you to define more than one URL as being the source of your events, so it can combine data from multiple places in the client-side calendar. The existing URL and the existing server code does not change. – ADyson Aug 14 at 16:19
  • The event source object is something you create in client-side JavaScript and give it to fullCalendar to tell it how to handle the event source. Your JSON response from the server must contain just the array of events. – ADyson Aug 14 at 16:28
  • P.S. You say "Now I want to use the option of eventSources,"...but calendar.addEventSource(eventSource); indicates that you're already using that feature. The only difference is you're supplying a simple URL string to the function rather than a full object. This is allowed and valid. Unless you're planning to set some of the other properties of the event source object as well, then you don't actually have a need to change anything at all. – ADyson Aug 14 at 16:29
  • @ jagad89 - not working, already tried. Thanks – Nitin Singhal 2 days ago

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