I'm using a WordPress theme - IT Consultant Pro - www.apctechservices.com that contains 5 preview boxes. At the bottom of each box there was a 'read more' button that I removed by mistake. I'm trying to put it back in again.

I've used inspect element to try and figure out where to re-add it and it and I can make the edits in the inspect element window - but they're not permanent. Please advise.

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  • Welcome to Stack Overflow _ You need to provide a little more information to get a reply that might help you _ First thing that contributors will need to know is whereabouts were you working when you deleted the 'Read More' = from the Wordpress posts themselves_ or were you working in the code of the site? If you were working in the actual code then you should copy / paste the code into your question _ If you're not sure which part of the code you changed then copy / paste the whole page _ from <?php get_header(); ?> to <?php get_footer(); ?> – inputforcolor Aug 14 at 12:23
  • Be advised_ questions put on hold cannot be properly answered _ If you want to pursue this question and take it off hold then you should look at this page for more advice >>> stackoverflow.com/help/closed-questions _ If you altered the php code then adding it to your question will be a good start to lifting the 'hold' – inputforcolor Aug 14 at 12:31
  • Thank you, trying to find out now what I did and will post it in question. – alaninthecity Aug 15 at 4:06

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