I am making an English grammar checker. I have two models Sentence and Error. The user will input a sentence in the form and the errors (if any) will be generated and attached to the sentence programatically. Now I have two types of users: free and paid. I don't want to save the results to the database for the free accounts. How can I display the results in the template without saving them to the database?

# noting gets displayed in the template with this code
if request.method == 'POST':
        form = SentenceForm(request.POST)
        if form.is_valid():
            cd = form.cleaned_data
            sent_str = cd['sent']
            s = Sentence(sent=sent_str, sent_correct=sent_str)
            s.author = user
            # s.save(commit=False) --- This line throws an error
            if user.is_basic or user.is_standard or user.is_premium:
            sent = nlp(sent_str)
            sents = []
            subjs = [t for t in sent if t.dep_ in subj_ls]
            two_subj = False
            if len(subjs) >= 2:
                two_subj = True
            if not subjs:
                has_imp_patt = imp_patt(sent)
                if has_imp_patt:
                    print('Line 60')
                    msg = '<span style="color:#be0000">Subject\\verb not found</span>'
                    m = Message(msg=msg, sent=s)

                    if user.is_basic or user.is_standard or user.is_premium:
                    form = SentenceForm()
                    return render(request, 'home.html', {'sentences': sentences, 'form': form})
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    It is in form.cleaned_data: this is a dictionary-like object with the values. So you can pass that to the context to render data. – Willem Van Onsem Aug 14 at 12:13
  • I also tried to return the variable s in the context dictionary and accessing it the template. It didn't display anything. – Kaptan Singh Aug 14 at 12:14
  • @WillemVanOnsem Is it possible to add additional key-value pairs to cleaned_data? – Kaptan Singh Aug 14 at 12:31
  • yes its possible. cleaned_data is a dictionary – ruddra Aug 14 at 12:32

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