Here is the query:

select grade_c as grade, count(c.grade_c) as num from `tblCustomerFeedback` c 

join `tblOrders`o on c.`invoice_n`=o.`invoice_n` 

join `tblProducts` p on o.`productID_n`=p.`productID_n`

where productName_c LIKE "%Premier%" 

group by c.grade_c

Here is the result:

enter image description here

How to calculate percentages in the optimal way without using with .. as, as it's unavailable in this version of MySQL (5.6.10)?


Upgrade! This is much easier with window functions. In earlier versions, you can use variables:

select grade, num, num / total
from (select grade_c as grade, count(*) as num,
             (@sum := @sum + count(*)) as total
      from `tblCustomerFeedback` c join
           `tblOrders` o
           on c.`invoice_n` = o.`invoice_n` join
           `tblProducts` p
           on o.`productID_n` = p.`productID_n` cross join
           (select @sum := 0) params
      where productName_c LIKE "%Premier%" 
      group by c.grade_c
     ) g;

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