I have two table in my DB i.e.




I am looking for a single MySQL query to get all the groups that have active subscriptions. I know I can do it in foreach but it would be really helpful if there is a way by doing this in mysql.


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    How do we know that a given subscription is active? – Tim Biegeleisen Aug 14 at 12:41
  • Looking? Looking where? :-( – Strawberry Aug 14 at 18:54

Below Query will help you to get all active groups

SELECT g.* FROM groups g INNER JOIN subscriptions s ON g.id = s.group_id
WHERE s.status = 1;

Thanks, Let me know if you need further help.


You need a simple join -

SELECT S.id, S.name, S.group_id, S.status
FROM groups G
INNER JOIN subscriptions S ON G.id = S.group_id
WHERE S.status = 'Active'

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