I'm trying to access the below URL using HTTPResponseRedirect which is protected by Django_restframework_simplejwt. I would like to redirect to below URL after the signup success, for the email and mobile verification.


Assuming, I do have an access token, Now, How do I set the Authorization token in the request header to load the above page.

Authorization: Token

Python - 3.6.8 Django - 2.2.3 djangorestframework_simplejwt - Latest

  • what is your frontend framework? you can redirect with your framework's router after successful registration – MMoallemi99 Aug 15 at 16:37
  • bootstrap+Javascri+Django – Daemon Aug 16 at 2:07
  • you can use jQuery's beforeSend callback to add an HTTP header with the authentication information if that's not helpful please add the javascript/front-end codes you're trying to work with – MMoallemi99 Aug 16 at 12:30

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