I'm writing a simple django view in VSCode and I want write my HttpRespose in multi line, but it does not work? what is wrong?

none of Escape Codes works!

def index(request):
    return HttpResponse("firstline. \nanother line!!!!")

I expect the output of

another line!!!

but it output is

firstline. another line
  • use <br/>. return HttpResponse("firstline. <br/>another line!!!!"). – Nalin Dobhal Aug 14 at 13:05
  • Well the \n actually does render a new line. BUt the browser simply ignores that. If you however return a "raw text" stream, etc. then it shows the new line. – Willem Van Onsem Aug 14 at 13:11

You return response to the browser. The browser understands html. So you need to return the "br" tag instead /n Try this:

def index(request):
   return HttpResponse("firstline. <br/>another line!!!!")

If you want to output plain text you can do so by adding the proper mime type. This way the browser will not do html formatting.

def index(request):
   return HttpResponse("firstline. \nanother line!!!!", content_type="text/plain") 

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