I have create my app with jhipster in july, and i have put it in production.

Now i need edit a entity. When i use jhipster entity the subgenerator update the initial xml generate for the entity, but not is thes the correct work, the code need create a new xml with the update like: mvn liquibase:diff

Searching on the web i have foud this answere: Add new field to existing entity with JHipster. At a certain point the user say:

create a new migration file to add only the new column (see addColumn documentation), revert the creation migration to its original content using git, run your app to apply changes to your database. This is what you would do when your app is in production.

In reference the last phrase, is the true? Jhipster entity subgenerator not support update of db but only initial creation?



Yes it's correct.

Either you write a manual Liquibase migration or you use liquibase:diff to help you in this process.

See official docs: https://www.jhipster.tech/development/#database-updates-with-the-maven-liquibasediff-goal

  • I was hoping that Jhipster managed the update ;( – Catello Stefano Cavallaro Aug 15 at 13:43
  • It's not an easy task, someone has already tried in the past and did not complete. – Gaël Marziou Aug 15 at 22:00

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