This is may be an obvious question to a Django expert, but is there a way that I can save all user inputs (clicks through content without having to explicitly save every entry in a table). If this is possible, then how do I access it later?

If I have to create models, like this I can:

#(within a view function)

Is there an easier way to get it done? Because I have lots and lots of different user click inputs and specifying every one like this will really slow down my application.

Is this data by chance saved in one of the sessions tables? Or can we create a custom sessions table to do this?

  • That takes a lot of structure, I'm wondering if Django saves this data automatically somewhere. Can I do this with logging? Something easy or simple. To me, just saving the click data directly to a model (have lots of no-form clicks too like to get to different pages), etc is easier. – Nate P Aug 14 at 14:11
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    Are you talking about analytics? How users navigate your site? – dirkgroten Aug 14 at 14:21
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    Good luck with building your own :-) That's what other companies have been building for years to provide as add-ons on your site. Google Analytics, Hotjar, etc... If you only want to save which pages your users visited, and each page is a request you get in Django, so you could add some Middleware to just record all your requests (don't forget to ask your users permission to do that, we have GDPR now...). But if you need to record clicks inside a page that trigger javascript events, that's more complicated and you'll have to record this in the browser, then send to your server via an API. – dirkgroten Aug 14 at 14:26
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    The middleware solution exists: Look for the package django-request it will record all requests to your site, i.e. page visits and api calls. – dirkgroten Aug 14 at 14:30

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