This is embarrassing to ask, but I'm trying to separate all constants into a new file and just import it, to keep things clean. However, nothing I've tried works, and all other questions here on SO seem to revolve around importing classes and functions.

I have a file called constants.tsx, where all the constants are declared:

export const default_bg               = "#2456a5"
export const default_light_font_color = "white"
export const default_lg_font_size     = 11
export const default_md_font_size     = 10
export const default_sm_font_size     = 9
export const default_dark_font_color  = "#000028"
export const default_font             = "arial"

And a main file with all the functionality so far, App.tsx:

import * as React from 'react';
import { Header } from './Header';
import { Body } from './Body';

import * as defaults from 'constants'


However, defaults (or any other name I give the import) doesn't seem to contain the constants. Writing defaults.default_bg gives me this error:

TS2339: Property 'default_bg' does not exist on type 'typeof import("constants")'.

And console.log(defaults) prints:

enter image description here

I know this is probably extremely simple, but I can't figure out how to do this. I'm new to Typescript and Javascript in general.

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import * as defaults from 'constants'

The above tells node to look inside /node_modules for a constants module.

Change that line to:

import * as defaults from './path/to/constants'

As for what's being printed to the console, that's another matter since it's certainly putting something in your defaults import identifier.


This its my actual approach:


export const default = {

bg               : "#2456a5"
light_font_color : "white"
lg_font_size     : 11
md_font_size     : 10
sm_font_size     : 9
dark_font_color  : "#000028"
font             : "arial"

} as const;


import { default } from "./path/to/constant";
console.log('Default Font: ', default.font);

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