I have set up a multi-module gradle project with a common module and a ktor module.

The common module is a kotlin multiplatform library.

I would like to be able to serve the javascript files generated from the common library from the ktor server, when I run it from Intellij.

Currently ktor is set up to serve resources as static content:

    static("/static") {

The ktor module has a dependency on the common module:

dependencies {
    compile project(':common')

I would assume when running in Intellij to be able to browse to http://localhost:8080/static/common.js to retrieve the outputs of the common module JS build (written to common\build\classes\kotlin\js\main) but this does not work.


Fixed this by including a copy task. Note that the kotlin full stack mpp here (https://github.com/ktorio/ktor-samples/tree/master/mpp/fullstack-mpp) has an example that uses webpack outputs.

kotlin {
    jvm() {
        task copyJsToJvm(type: Copy) {
            include '*.*'
            into "$buildDir/classes/kotlin/jvm/main"
        compilations.main {
            tasks.getByName(processResourcesTaskName) {

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