I have a project using mercurial for version control, and I'm trying to set it up in Eclipse. I cloned the project from the command line and then opened the project in eclipse by importing it as a maven project.

This works except for that eclipse/MercurialEclipse doesn't seem to pick up that this is an merurial repo.

If I go to project properties, the Mercurial option shows only the message "This project doesn't use MercurialEclipse as a Team provider."

In the "Team Synchronizing" perspective, Synchronize... just gives me a "clone repository wizard" saying "There are no Mercurial resources to syncrhonize".

Does anyone know how to get MercurialEclipse to pick up the existing repository for the project.


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Figured this out myself.

Right click the project and choose Team > Share project...

That gives a wizard for enabling mercurial integration for the project.

  • I am having a similar problem. After creating a project, I then did "Team">"Share" to create a Local Hg repo. However, I cant seem to find how to sync that with a Bitbucket repo. I also get the "This project doesn't use MercurialEclipse as a Team provider." and cant seem to find a way around it. When I go to the "Team Synchronize" perspective, all I get is a blank panel with no options. Help!
    – aaa90210
    Mar 8, 2012 at 12:55

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