so my problem is i use a hover to expand an image and it works fine in browsers because i can see the cursor, but where i want to use this project you cannot see the cursor, so when i add one using a png and some Js when i hover of the image it kind of opens and closes fast like "glitching" instead of opening smoothly without any added js.

I have tried all i can imagine i am new to this so i dont have the greatest knowledge to coding. All i know is the "glitching" does not happen with the added js

This is the js that i used that allows the img / cursor to be followed by my mouse but as soon as i enter it, the "glitching" begins when i hover over the image :(

    document.body.addEventListener("mousemove", function(event)
    var x = event.pageX - 6 + "px"
    var y = event.pageY + "px"
    document.getElementById("cursor").style.left = x;
    document.getElementById("cursor").style.top = y;
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    You should really say WHERE your code will run. It can change pretty much everything. – entio Aug 14 at 20:00
  • Try with event target => var x = event.target.pageX -6 + "px"; – abdulrahmanAbdullah Aug 14 at 20:03

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