My IT does not support SQL Server in Mac environments despite a 60% adoption rate.

So, every 45 days I get an error telling me to change my SQL Server password...which it appears can only be done on SQL Server Management Studio...no Mac version available.

I am trying to do this via sqlcmd using the following

sqlcmd -S remotesqlsever.com,1433 -U myusername -P myoldpasword -Q "ALTER LOGIN myusername WITH PASSWORD = newpassword"

I get a 'you need to change your password message', even as I am trying to do so:The password of the account must be changed.

Is there a way with sqlcmd to properly login/change passwords that are expiring and forced?

Is there a way with pyodbc and the appropriate SQL Server driver or is there a way with R odbc and the appropriate driver?

Or even MS Azure Data Studio...I am open and tech savvy, just not MS SQL Server aware...

There is no way for me to use the Microsoft tool on a Mac...and I have googled broadly to no avail. I a lot on how to disable that feature or change one once logged in, NOTHING on how to do so when you are in the position of not having SQL Server Studio.

  • You might have to change the password before it expires. – Kyle K Aug 14 at 20:19

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