I am trying to listen on multiple channels dynamically with socket.io.

For example instead of


would it be possible to have the room names in an array and if a message is emitted and you happened to be in one of the rooms within the array than you could take actions.

//This is not the syntax but something like this
socket.on([arrayOfMyRooms],(arrayOfMyRooms Obj)=>{...})

Alternatively, I could have the server broadcast the room name and on the client side, those who have the room in the array could take action.

However performance wise, I am worried that this method will not scale for even a few thousands of users.

Please let me know if there is a solution of a better design approach. Thank you as always.


you can create a group and join all users to that group and broadcast the message to a particular group.

for join user


for broadcast in group

io.sockets.in(`GROUP_NAME`).emit(`EVENT_NAME`, data);
  • Every client will get the 'Event', and filtering who should take action on the client side is not a problem. I am expecting lots of users to emit and receive this 'Event' so performance wise is this a good method and is this the only way? – Patrick Adjei Aug 14 at 21:34
  • I think this is best approach or wait for other solutions – Satish Gupta Aug 14 at 22:47

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