Getting the following error in relation to Expo/vector-icons ever since upgrading to Expo 34.

fontFamily "FontAwesome" is not a system font and has not been loaded through Font.loadAsync.

  • If you intended to use a system font, make sure you typed the name correctly and that it is supported by your device operating system.

  • If this is a custom font, be sure to load it with Font.loadAsync.

I have tried manually loading the font in App.js with

Font.loadAsync({FontAwesome: require("../node_modules/@expo/vector-icons/build/vendor/react-native-vector-icons/Fonts/FontAwesome.ttf")})

but it has no effect. I have updated expo-font to the latest version, cleared node_modules and package-lock, and rebuilt the project.

Any clues?

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  • Delete your package-lock.json
  • Delete your .expo
  • Execute npm i
  • Run your App

and import * as FontAwesome from "@expo/vector-icon";

  • Deleting .expo and rebuilding is what did it for me. Thanks! Jan 20, 2021 at 21:32
  • I also had to delete node_modules in order for this to work.
    – Caio Mar
    Feb 15, 2022 at 17:02

expo doctor --fix-dependencies fixed it.


I updated the expo-font package to the version shown in the warnings and it worked for me.


Not a fix but a workaround as I had the same problem and couldn't find a solution.

Try changing

import Font from 'expo-font';


import {Font} from 'expo';

Edit: Looks like there might be a fix for the issue I was experiencing, try updating to [email protected] and [email protected]

  • 3
    For me, the fix was to update the packages, delete node_modules and package-lock, npm install, delete the Expo app, and expo start -c. Thanks!
    – mginn
    Aug 16, 2019 at 15:23

Try this...

  1. rm yarn.lock OR rm package.json.lock
  2. rm -rf ./.expo
  3. yarn install OR npm install
  4. npx expo start -c // Clear the cache

You're done!


For me, the fix was to update the packages.

First, you need to update your app.json or app.config.json and make sure sdkVersion points to the right version (expo version in your package.json.. this can be removed in recent sdks, expo is smart enough to detect what sdk you need based on your package.json

Then simply run npx expo install --fix, this should fix your dependencies and all should be good

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