I'm trying to list all the files with .rar or .zip file type.

I tried regular expressions like the ones you can find in the online regex helpers, but none of those seems to work.

Maybe the problem is trying to do this directly into the cmd/powershell instead of a script ?

dir *./(zip|rar)/

The expected result would be something like: file1.rar file2.rar file3.zip

  • Have you looked into using Get-ChildItem command? – Turbo Aug 14 at 22:59
  • My idea was to just use one line, like you would do in the unix shell. – dmz Aug 14 at 23:07

In Powershell, dir is an alias for Get-ChildItem. You cannot use a regex directly. Powershell is interpretting your regex as a wildcard.

As noted in the other answers and in the Get-ChildItem documentation, you can to use a comma to separate your search terms. dir *.zip,*.rar, which is an alias for

Get-ChildItem -path *.zip,*.rar

If you'd like to use a regex, you need to assign the result of Get-ChildItem to a variable and then use -match.

> $dir = Get-ChildItem
> $dir -match "\.(zip|rar)$"

Or use parentheses to turn it into a one-liner:

(Get-ChildItem) -match "\.(zip|rar)$"
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    Thanks for updating. Good point that a regex was explicitly asked for (and while not strictly needed here, other cases may require a regex). Yes, -match matches any substring, unlike the wildcard-based -like / argument-based wildcard matching, where the entire input string must match. As an aside: In PowerShell Core Get-ChildItem output now stringifies to full paths, so it's safer to do (Get-ChildItem).Name in order to limit matching to mere file names, but then you get just names as output too. (Get-ChildItem).Where({ $_.Name -match '\.(zip|rar)$' }) preserves the output type. – mklement0 Aug 15 at 12:12
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    @mklement0 nice! Great tips! – Code Bling Aug 15 at 16:46

get-childitem -path takes an array. Not regex, but an array of wildcards that serve the same purpose.

dir *.zip,*.rar

You could do something like this (not using regex though):

Get-ChildItem -Path "Path\*" -Include *.rar,*zip

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