I want to validate pakistani mobile number in my php registration form. I need a regular expression that validate all the pakistani numbers (zong, ufone, telenore, jazz, warid) e.g 03337800766 or +923124432876


I used this code but its not working

if(!preg_match("/^((\+92)|(0092))-{0,1}\d{3}-{0,1}\d{7}$|^\d{11}$|^\d{4}-\d{7}$/", $mobile)){
    echo "Mobile number is valid";

There is not any error but it show no effect our any number

  • ? serves the same purpose as {0,1} and takes up way less space – MonkeyZeus Aug 15 at 12:19

you made a mistake, try ^((\+92)|(0092))-{0,1}\d{3}-{0,1}\d{7}$|^\d{11}$|^\d{4}-\d{7}$ The "+" need to be escaped

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