My Controller Code:

            public function getAllUsers()
    $users = User::with('roles','userBasicInfo','userFacility')->get();

        foreach ($users as $user){
        if (isset($user->roles)){
            foreach ($user->roles as $role){
                $name .=$role['name'].',';

            if (isset($user->userFacility)){  // there is field "speciality_id" in userFacility Table if its set to any integer value like 1,2,3 then is_doctor should set to 1 otherwise return zero if there is no speciality_id set
                foreach ($user->userFacility as $isDoctor){

        $basicInfo =$user->userBasicInfo;

            $basicInfo =$user->userBasicInfo;


    return response([
        'status' => true,
        'message' => "All Users",
        'total' => count($data),
        'data' => $data
    ], 200);

Currently where i am working is user has relationship with userFacility and there is field name "speciality_id" in userFacility table i want to check if "speciality_id" is set then you can see i am creating is_doctor flag it should set to 1 if there speciality_id and if no speciality_id it should set is_doctor flag to 0 i am trying something like below but did not get the result

I hope you will understand my issue. Thanks in advance

  • what you want output ? – Hamelraj Aug 15 at 10:04

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