I wonder the role of the parameter 'selection' in the sklearn function sklearn.linear_model.Lasso.

I guess this parameter set the optimization way of Lasso solver, but I want to know exactly how it is works. I read the docs of this, but I didn't catch up this perfectly.

Could you explain this?

What is the different between selection = 'cyclic' and selection = 'random' ?


The difference is between coordinate descent and random coordinate descent. In every iteration it cycles through features (i.e. coordinates) one at a time, minimizing the cost function with respect to each coordinate.

Regular coordinate descent cycles through all features: enter image description here

Randomized chooses each feature at random: enter image description here

Here's it in sklearn.

  • Cool. I could know what coordinate descent is thanks to you! Thank you. – YeongHwa Jin Aug 19 at 1:48

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