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I am trying to use a function from one file in another one so i dont need to be repeating the code.


def getTrain(data):
    trainList = []
    for list in data:
        for train in list['HorarioDetalhe']:
            trainDict = {}
            trainDict['id'] = train['ID']
            trainDict['origin'] = train['EstacaoOrigem']['Nome']
            trainDict['destiny'] = train['EstacaoDestino']['Nome']
            trainDict['operator'] = train['Operador']['Nome']
            trainDict['status'] = train['EstadoComboio']['Nome']
            trainDict['arrivalTime'] = train['HoraChegada']

i want to use the getDealayedCSV() and getDeletedCSV() in another file since i want the result of these 2 functions.

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    if the name of your other file is foo.py, just import foo then foo.getDelayedCSV(...). This is probably a duplicate – Jean-François Fabre Aug 16 at 11:09
  • its not working ... the error is NameError: name 'trainList' is not defined – Bruno Teixeira Aug 16 at 11:31

from myfile import getDealayedCSV or from myfile import getDeletedCSV .

If your file name is myfile.py you just have to write myfile .Then you can call your function normally like getDealayedCSV(trainList)

  • its not working ... the error is NameError: name 'trainList' is not defined – Bruno Teixeira Aug 16 at 11:32
  • trainlist was an example variable I used. It seems like you didn't define it in your file where you are importing the function from another file. – Kartikeya Sharma Aug 16 at 11:34
  • i am using trainList in my file.py , i can post the code here ... maybe its because i am not returning trainList? and instead i am calling the function getDelayedCSV(trainList) like this? – Bruno Teixeira Aug 16 at 11:37
  • I think you should post it as a new question now! – Kartikeya Sharma Aug 16 at 11:38
  • stackoverflow.com/questions/57525700/… @Kartikeya Sharma – Bruno Teixeira Aug 16 at 13:41

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